October 3, 2016
Aths South

Call for Assistance

A request has come from the club and wider Athletics South community to assist at interclub, including more consistent hands on in the throws events.

In the past, OVA have been assigned the admin area during Athletics South competition - entries and photo finish. It’s hoped that photo finish will go on a roster between all clubs, allowing some of our main club officials to help at the OVA tent and at other event sites.

Club President Nathan Morey has an Athletics South meeting this Tuesday night, where hopefully all duties will be confirmed for the upcoming season. Below is a request from Evan Peacock for additional volunteers during the throws events, where if OVA can provide volunteers at the throws events, it will reduce the load and ensure competition runs on time.

"Hello all,

I’m writing to ask for some assistance from clubs for the officiating of throws events at interclub. Whilst UTASAC are able to coordinate set up/pack up and chief officiating of throws events, we desperately need more, and consistent, numbers of supporting officials to be able to run on time. It would be great if you could put forward some names of people from your clubs etc who would be able to assist.

With planning and an adequate pool of people to draw upon, I am confident that the throws events can run on time this season."

If you can lend hand this season, get in touch with the club on the day or email info@ovasouthernsaints.com

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