Welcome to our online shop, where you can get our current competition and casual gear.

Our uniform shop

The OVA Southern Saints Shop is our online hub to purchase all your competition and #TeamOVA gear.

Update: In response to managing challenges over the past few seasons, we've changed the way members can order our casual hoodies, long sleeves and socks - with orders now placed, and shipped, directly through our supplier, Project Clothing.

Our competition gear

Our compulsory competition gear is either the OVA singlet or OVA crop top - which are required for competition.

HOW TO ORDER: With the recent change, please use the button below to order competition gear.


Our casual #teamova gear

Our casual range is now facilitated through Project Clothing, including our Team OVA Hoodie, socks and long sleeve tops. For sizing, please refer to their sizing charts.

HOW TO ORDER: Orders can now be placed directly through the OVA Project Clothing store.


Our range

OVA Socks


Keep your toes and feet warm and looking good with our Team OVA socks. *Shipping of this product is also required via Project Clothing.

Team OVA Long Sleeve


Our long sleeves are back and better than before, made from 100% polyester and available in both men and women's size/styles. *Shipping of this product is also required via Project Clothing.

Team OVA Hoodie


The perfect garment to keep you warm and cosy, featuring our branding logo on the front and smaller logo on the lower back - which can also be customised with your name/nickname on the back of the garment. *Shipping of this product is also required via Project Clothing.

OVA Competition Crop Top


Aimed at female members, the OVA Competition Crop Top is a comfortable garment suitable to be worn instead of the OVA singlet.

OVA Competition Singlet


The OVA Competition Singlet is the compulsory item to compete for the OVA Southern Saints (or the OVA Crop Top).