With such a proud history, here you can find the latest update to our club records, as well as the new online records application form.


(Records as at 17th March 2024)

Given the history of the Old Virgilians Athletics club, we've spent the previous off season collating and updating our archive of club records; which can be found below.


Record Application Process

The OVA Southern Saints invite our athletes and members to follow our new online record application procedure. Please note we ask that you provide a relevant link(s) (i.e. to the Athletics South results) so that we can easily verify your record.

If you have any issues or questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the club through our contact page or Facebook.


Record information should include, but not limited to, the date and year broken, what event the record was in, the location, any wind readings, as well as a link to the relevant site (i.e. Athletics South, Athletics Australia) to verify the record.

* denotes required field. 
Please note all information submitted to the OVA Southern Saints is confidential. 

Thank you! Your record application has been received!

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