October 9, 2022
OVA News

Meet Linda McKillop, OVA's Inclusion Officer

At OVA we want all of our athletes to flourish and grow. This means that we are implementing strategies as a club to make athletics more accessible and inclusive for all.

OVA encourages open communication so that those concerned can then make an informed decision.  If you would like to learn more about athletics for athletes of differing abilities, or have any questions or concerns, OVA has appointed Linda McKillop as an initial point of contact.  Linda is an OVA committee member and the mother one of our club members who a para athlete.  She brings her personal and practical experience to this role.”

This is some information from “Playing By The Rules”  


Each person is unique and has a range of different needs and abilities. To support children who have a disability it's important that you:

  • provide them with opportunities to demonstrate what they can do
  • consider what modifications the club can make to rules, equipment and the environment that will address the child's needs and be manageable for the coach and the club
  • communicate openly with everyone involved so informed decisions can be made
  • develop an action plan; this involves identifying barriers that may prevent people from disabilities participating in your club's sport and devising ways of overcoming these obstacles
  • promote your club's commitment to access and equity

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