January 13, 2016
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OVA Athlete Assistance

The OVA Southern Saints are pleased to announce their athlete assistance scheme for the rest of the 2015/16 season.

An integral part of the OVA Southern Saints club development is giving back to our athletes and members through supporting their ongoing development and the opportunities available to them.

With the upcoming junior nationals located in Perth in March 2016, the OVA committee have considered the club's current position, and are pleased to announce the launch of the interim athlete assistance scheme; the OVA Travel Subsidy.

Primarily, the subsidy aims to promote the development of all our athletes, but particularly assist in alleviating the costs associated with attending national championships or other significant events.

While an ongoing scheme and document, the club invites OVA athletes to read more on the Travel Subsidy and (particularly those who are thinking of travelling to Perth) apply via the official form; which can be found in either PDF or Word formats on this page.

Athlete Assistance Form (PDF, 1Mb) >

Download Information and Form

The athlete assistance travel subsidy form can be viewed and completed in either PDF or Word document formats, the later of which can be found below.

Download Word Format >

Submitting an application

Please sign and submit completed application forms to info@ovasouthernsaints.com or return it to a club official at the OVA Southern Saints tent.  

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