January 20, 2016
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OVA Athletes in International Games

Congratulations to OVA club members who have been selected to represent Hobart at the 2016 International Children’s Games in Taipei City.

The teams will be travelling to Taipei City in July where they will compete against athletes from approximately 70 Cities from 40 Countries around the world. This is an extremely exciting time for our athletes as they look to embark on their first International Competition.

The club wishes to congratulate OVA athlete's Torin, Luke and Gabriella on their selections - we're sure they'll do the club and the state proud!

Torin Jones OVA
Jagga Pybus
Hugh Fletcher
Fergus Fletcher
Angus Murrell
Luke Vavoulas OVA

Jessica Minifie
Liana Kenna
Gabriella Vavoulas OVA
Julia Direen
Rachel Hosie
Danika Lewis-Johnstone (U13)

The team also features some OVA management, extending our congratulations to Sam on his selection as one of the head coaches.


Coaches - Sam Morey (OVA) and Simone Fitzgerald

Head of Delegation- Brett Johnstone

Hobart City Rep - Garry House

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