September 29, 2020
OVA News

OVA partner with Zambrero Liverpool St for three seasons

The OVA Southern Saints are proud to announce a three year partnership with Zambrero Liverpool Street, starting in season 2020/21.

As the club continues to grow in both support and membership, creating valued partnerships with relevant businesses and organisations in the Tasmanian community represents a great opportunity to increase brand awareness and give back to our members.

OVA are pleased to announce the partnership with Zambrero Liverpool Street for the next three seasons, primarily focussed on delivering special vouchers and incentives for both our financial and official/volunteer members.

Zambrero catered the OVA Awards Event last season with great delight from attendees, with discussions continuing to formalise a proposal that benefits both the club and the local Hobart business.

The club is excited to be able to support raising awareness of the delicious food, drink and catering options provided by Zambrero Liverpool Street, in return for vouchers which will be presented to members on a regular basis through out the next three seasons.

Zambrero also retain the catering opportunities, where applicable, for club events and will feature prominently on the new Team OVA casual range soon to be announced.

On behalf of the OVA Southern Saints, we wish to thank Richard and the team at Zambrero Liverpool Street for the opportunity and look forward to ongoing success both at the track and in the field - but also for our members and social events.

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