January 20, 2016
OVA News

QLAC Clinic - 27th Jan

OVA are committing to holding a track and field clinic for Queenborough Little Athletics next Wednesday 27th January at 5:30pm at Sandown, Sandy Bay.

"I’d like to have a nice spread of events covered to give all the kids the opportunity to get expert advice/tips on particular event groups.  I’ve had a few expressions of interest already.  If you are willing to give back to the future of our sport, please let me know.

This season has seen a great relationship develop between the OVA Southern Saints and the Queenborough Little Athletics Club. This is a great, and one of the last, major opportunities to assist the club and contribute towards your potential Athlete Assistance - the Travel Subsidy offered by the club that could alleviate some of the costs of traveling to the Perth Junior nationals".

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