September 29, 2020
OVA News

Registrations for the 2020/21 Season Now Open

The OVA Southern Saints are proud to announce that registrations for the up and coming track and field season are now open.

Athlete registrations for the 2019/20 have now expired, with new registrations now required online.

To register directly now, visit or you can learn more at our "Join OVA" page.

Should I renew or register at the portal?

The registration process recently moved to the new system, so as a reminder - if you were registered in the 2019/20 season in any capacity, then you should RENEW your membership.

If you have any issues, please do not just create a new account - this may cause even further delays in your registration. If you run into problems, contact the club and we can assist.

Ticket To Play Information

Those using "Ticket To Play" vouchers can be done through the Athletics Tasmania office during business hours (of a Monday, Tuesday and Thursday) - these cannot be done on a Saturday.


Athletics Tasmania has provided the following information regarding the Ticket To Play Information.

"The first thing we need to get you to do is to register both children with OVA as an Official – this is a non-paying membership type, so you won’t be charged any money for registering.  Once you have done this, let the Athletics Tasmania office know (email preferred) and provide us with the Ticket to Play voucher codes (or alternatively forward the Ticket To Play email to the Athletics Tasmania office).

Once received, the office will perform the required tasks through the back end and notify the member and the club when memberships have been upgraded and their registrations are ready for competition.

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