May 7, 2016
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Steph in Rome

We caught up with OVA racewalker Steph Stigwood, as she prepares for the biggest race event of her career thus far at the IAAF World Race Walking Team Challenge - and we couldn't be more excited for her.

Having already achieved the qualifying time for the 2016 Rio Olympics, walking an amazing 1:33.45 at the Australian & Oceania Championships in February,  Steph has written into OVA ahead of this weekends IAAF meet in Rome.

"Saluti DALL'ITALIA! Okay, so I never know how to start these things but here goes...! 

In just over 24 hours I will be on my way to the course start line for the biggest race of my walking career so far. I know when I am on that line, I will be thinking of every individual person who has encouraged, inspired and assisted me into becoming the athlete I am today. From the young race walkers in Tassie who show me why I dream these big dreams in the first place, to the people who are in my support circle day-in day-out. 

I will be racing this Saturday as hard as I possibly can to fly home -no matter the result- feeling satisfied & proud of myself. 

Hopefully this little blurb about my time here in Rome can show those within our club and more, that once you've decided on your dream that it is 110% possible to achieve it. It will take time, it will take hard work, it will come with will cry, you will hurt, you will feel like quitting...but as people will constantly & frustratingly tell you, "if it was easy, everyone would do it". All of these things are what we all live for, what we all work for, and become an enormous part of the people we become. It is the nature of the beast.  

I got to this level with blood, sweat & tears, but most importantly with time & patience. Nurture and protect your dreams from the very beginning & never give up on yourselves. 

Grazie per tutto il vostro supporto!"

We say: All the very best on Sunday Steph! Armed with the ongoing support of those around you, you've done the hard work required to get to the start line in Rome, and to a level of success and achievement not many will get to experience. As a club, and we also speak on behalf of our great State, we're super proud of what you have achieved in the last few years and your ongoing development as both an athlete and a role model to so many back here at home. Our own OVA racewalkers have continued to emerge this winter, following literally in your footsteps, inspired by your results and will be watching the results intently on Sunday. We know you'll compete 110%, and we know what you're capable of - we can only reiterate that you back yourself in, 'get it done' and we're so proud of you either way #goSteph!

We'll also mention that in Rome, Steph is being supported by her partner, and coach of the Australian team and fellow OVA member Daniel Coleman (son of Rosemary), who has also gone from strength to strength in his developmental role for AA. We always love catching up with Daniel and Steph, and can see how well they have worked as a team!

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